Wood Fence Wilmington NC

Wood Fence Wilmington NC represent the best in the traditional look of affordable Fence with durable, materials. This product is easily installed, economical, and virtually maintenance free, once an paint or stain has been properly applied, this affordable fence is ideal for residential backyards as well as commercial applications.

Fence Contractor Wilmington NC

Wood fencing is economical and our most popular choice by consumers. This makes them a great option for homeowners looking for a sturdy, low-maintenance fence option. We at Affordable Fence Men only provide fence products from suppliers that offer the highest quality material treated with an safe chemical for the environment. That means that our affordable fence products are durable and will resist fading for many years once an proper paint or stain has been applied to protect the wood.

Wood Fence Wilmington NC

Wood is available in a wide variety of heights and styles to accommodate any style of house. This makes an excellent property divider and provide an excellent accent to any yard or perimeter. Horse fence, Full privacy & semi-privacy styles are available with or without lattice and picket-top accents making virtually any style desired. A wide variety of straight and concave or convex spaced picket styles give you the look you want and need for your Wilmington NC home. Wood is also highly affordable fence making them a popular choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Wood is very easy to Maintain

Highly wood is one of the easiest products to maintain. Some people clean them with simple soap and water and others keep it clean with clorox diluted with water. Applying this with a pump up sprayer and rinsing well with your water hose will prevent you from having to hire a contractor to come maintain your fence every few years. This saves you on maintenance costs.

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